how to write a quote for services that Attracts customers



How would you like to get more clients for your small business? One of the best ways is by writing a professional quote.

What does this involve? Well, it’s not as tricky as it sounds. In fact, all you need to do is write down how much work needs to be done and any other relevant information such as time frame or start date.

This blog post will help you understand everything there is to know about quotes for services and why they are so important in building relationships with potential customers. Let’s get started!

what does a quote do

A quote serves as a statement of the details for the service you provide to your prospect. It should clearly state what job is involved, the time frame, associated costs as well taxes.

Once the offer is accepted, it will legally bind both parties to the terms specified.

Providing quotes is a great way to set expectations and give potential clients an idea of what they’re getting into. It also establishes an agreed-upon price point before any work has been done which helps you avoid potential issues with costs.

Furthermore, providing quotes gives clients an idea of what they can expect from their service provider in terms of timeline and deliverables so they know how long it will take them to get results and when they might receive them.

the components of a quote

Quotes should display:

  • Your business details
  • Your client’s details
  • Scope of work includes what needs to be done or how long it will take
  • The price includes all costs associated with providing the service
  • Payment method and terms include when you need to pay and how much upfront cost can be covered by a deposit
  • Quote expiry date

should GST be included in a quote

If your business is registered for GST and the goods or services are not ‘GST free’ then you must add 10% GST to the price.

‘GST free’ items. You don’t charge GST on everything you sell.
You can find the list here.


Follow up

If you have a prospect that’s interested in your product or service but they don’t get back to you, follow up with them to engage further in the conversation. It will give them confidence in your service and they may be more likely to buy from you.

You’ve done the hard work, found a lead and now you’ve the opportunity to turn them into a customer. Be courteous and professional because people do business together when there is a relationship created.

Make sure both parties know what to expect before moving forward so there’s no miscommunication later down the line. We always like to follow up with our new prospects after we’ve sent them a quote, and reach out via phone call or an email just in case they have any concerns; don’t forget to do this too!